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Opening Ceremony of eFLO Urology on 30 October

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Thank you for everyone’s support, the opening ceremony of our eFLO Urology Clinic was officially held on 30 October 2022.  The clinic is led and operated by Dr John Ngan and Dr Raymond Kan. With state-of-the-art equipment, veteran academic researchers and experienced urologists, this new clinic provides comprehensive urologic treatments for people of all age groups. Located in Central Building in Central, the clinic will become a convenient service point for the public.

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The Awardee of 2019 Hong Kong Humanity Award – Dr John Ngan Hin-kay

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John Ngan operation

Dr. John Ngan was very honored to be awarded the 2019 Hong Kong Humanity Award by the Hong Kong Red Cross. Collaborating with a group of caring doctors and musicians, combining music and medicine to cure the hearts of the underprivileged. Dr. Ngan leads the team to perform operations on children who suffer from birth defects in Mainland China, and arranges orphans to be adopted, which brings them hope.

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脊柱裂是指胚胎神經閉合不全而引起的先天性發育障礙,嬰兒由出生到發育期間都要面對各種因脊柱畸形而導致的多系統併發症,如手腳失去知覺、難以控制排便排尿、腦水腫等問題,同時較易受感染而導致死亡。脊柱裂需要多方專業醫護人員的支援,包括麻醉師、耳鼻喉專科、神經外科、眼科、整形外科、兒科和泌尿科等,以協助脊柱裂患者克服持續不斷的新挑戰。有關脊柱裂的醫學文獻及治療相關疾病的專業人員都不普及,在缺乏知識、教育及相關專業人員的情況下,患有脊柱裂的孩童往往會被錯誤斷症、延誤診治,甚至得不到適切治療。 過去20多年,美國疾控中心與北京大學醫學部一直共同研究脊柱裂這種先天缺陷。研究發現,孕婦不論於懷孕前或懷孕初期服用400微克葉酸,均能有效預防神經管缺陷,且孕婦於懷孕前或懷孕初期服用葉酸均不會增加流產或多產的風險。 原文連結: